Ph.D-serts & Cakes

Poker Tournament!

About twice a year, one of Adam’s poker-obsessed coworkers organizes a large poker tournament. Part of your entry fee includes dinner (hamburgers, hotdogs, and chips) and I always thought we needed desserts so I usually brought cookies or brownies or something like that. This year, I decided we needed an official poker tournament cake (Elise …

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Happy Birthday, Mom!

I just want to send a special note to my mom: Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a relaxing weekend and really enjoy the cake Robin makes for you! 🙂 April – I just saw your comment to the Babies Galore! post: I’d love to make Mitchell’s birthday cake! Yay, what fun!

Babies Galore!

A lot of my friends & family have had babies in the past year and I’ve really enjoyed watching them grow up – even if it’s only through reading their blogs! I decided to make 2 cakes in honor of 2 of the babies – Lorelei and Ian. I’ve finished Lorelei’s: It’s a really girly …

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If you look at the websites of some cake bakers, they often give names to their wedding cakes…like Melanie or Michael! Well, I like the idea so I’ve named mine so far! The first one I made was the one with the swans on top that I took to the convention – that’s Abby. The …

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Over the last few months, Nani has become increasingly messy when she eats her breakfast and dinner. She has formed the habit of carrying a huge mouthful of food to various spots in the house, dropping all the food, and then eating each piece separately. The bad part about this is that she’s not careful …

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Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! We’re only 5 days away from the weekend – the countdown begins (again)! To cheer you up on such a depressing day, here’s a very cheery cake. Let’s just pretend it says “Happy Monday!” People have asked about the Halloween Cookie Bouquet class. It will be on October 18th 1-3:30. The class …

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Halloween Cookie Bouquet

We’re going to offer a Halloween Cookie Bouquet class at Michaels on October 18th. Here’s a picture of a bouquet I made to go on display at Michaels. It’s going to be a super fun 2-hour class so if you’re local, sign up! Cyndi and I will be teaching it (I think).


So a lot of my friends/family have had babies in the past year…I thought I’d share a couple of pictures with you guys! My best friend, Amy, had a cutie patootie in March 2008 – Ian! We rarely get to see Ian because he lives in south Florida so I keep up with him by …

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