Babies Galore!

A lot of my friends & family have had babies in the past year and I’ve really enjoyed watching them grow up – even if it’s only through reading their blogs! I decided to make 2 cakes in honor of 2 of the babies – Lorelei and Ian. I’ve finished Lorelei’s:

It’s a really girly cake with daisies, play make-up and a purse. I have all intentions of making Ian’s still. This one will obviously be more boy-themed. I plan to make a little hard hat, some blueprints, and a bunch of play tools. All boys like to build things right??? However, Ian’s is still on the drawing board because life has gotten so crazy lately!

I just finished 4 weeks of teaching cake decorating classes at Michael’s. My very first Course 1 group of 11 students had a 100% retention rate, except for the woman who had lots of family emergencies come up so she’s retaking it in October. I can’t wait to see how many stick around for Course 2 next month! It’s been a lot of fun teaching this month and I don’t think anyone knows that I’ve only been decorating since April or that this is the first class I’ve taught! The last session of Course 4 is also tonight and I have 5 students (100% retention also) in it. Next month, I’ll teach Courses 1 and 2. Fun!

I’ve also had 2 friends ask me to make cakes for various occasions. The first was the purse cake. Next weekend, my labmate wants a pool-themed cake for his sister’s birthday. I’ll post those pictures as soon as the cake is complete.

I’m going to Phoenix on Thursday for 5 days for an Obesity Society Annual Meeting. Ironic isn’t it? My life revolves around cakes and obesity research!

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  1. I love them! I want to be in your class. Will you make Mitchell’s first birthday cake? We’re going for an army/tank/camo theme!

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