Cookie Decorating Kits

The $45 kit includes:
  • 30 cookies in themed shapes*
  • 5 sprinkle varieties (minimum)*
  • 8 piping tips in decorating bags
  • 2 extra piping bags
  • 1 pound of icing, divided into 4 colors
  • 5 1-oz cups to hold sprinkles while you decorate
  • plastic knives or spoons for stirring and spreading
  • rubber bands to seal piping bags
  • instructions for successful decorating
*Selections, shapes, and colors may vary.
Available for local pick-up only.
Kits can be ordered in our online shop in November & December. Outside of these months, please contact Dr. Mel to order.

Paint Your Own Cookie Kits

This $5 cookie activity kit includes:

  • 1 black & white cookie
  • an edible paint palette
  • a new paint brush

Simply wet the paint brush, touch the brush to the edible paints, and paint the black & white cookie. It works just like watercolor paints, but it is way more fun because you can EAT it too!

Hot Chocolate Bombs

Gourmet-flavored Hot Chocolate Bombs can be purchased November-January each year. Please shop our online store to place your order and choose a convenient pick-up location at checkout.

Current flavor options (Left to right, front row and then back row):

  • Smores
  • Classic Hot Chocolate
  • White Chocolate
  • Salted Caramel
  • Wizardry Butterbeer
  • and more!

To use, place the bomb in a large mug. Pour 8 ounces of hot water or milk over it and watch it melt and release its contents. Stir well and enjoy!