So a lot of my friends/family have had babies in the past year…I thought I’d share a couple of pictures with you guys!

My best friend, Amy, had a cutie patootie in March 2008 – Ian! We rarely get to see Ian because he lives in south Florida so I keep up with him by reading his blog very regularly!

Then, Elise had Lorelei the weekend before Mother’s day! This picture was actually taken right before her first tailgate. A baby Gator for sure!

And, here’s a great picture of my cousin April’s baby, Mitchell. We call this the “5 Generations” picture. From left to right: my Grandma Mitchell, April, Mitchell, Grannie, and Aunt Shirley.

And last, but certainly not least is OUR baby!! Here’s one of my favorite pictures of her and Adam. This was the day we got her. We’d gone to get her at the pound, then went to PetSmart to get all her goodies, then to Nature Pets to get some special treats, and finally home. She was absolutely pooped after so many activities! This was her very first time in the yard. For those who knew her back then, you know she was so timid and scared of everything. But look at this picture! She looks so happy and at home! She must have known she could trust us. 🙂 Our little cutie…