Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! We’re only 5 days away from the weekend – the countdown begins (again)! To cheer you up on such a depressing day, here’s a very cheery cake. Let’s just pretend it says “Happy Monday!”
People have asked about the Halloween Cookie Bouquet class. It will be on October 18th 1-3:30. The class registration fee (which must be paid at the time you sign up) is $20. Then, since the instructors will be making your cookies, you’ll pay $10 to the instructors the day of the class. You’ll also have a small supply list to pick up when you sign up for the class, but these supplies won’t be exhausted when you take the class so you can always make more bouquets at home. So, basically you can take the class for about $30 plus supplies and take home this terrific bouquet! 🙂 I’m really excited about the class so I hope some of you take it with me!

Class Plug: If anyone needs a stress-reliever or a new hobby or whatever, consider taking the Wilton classes at Michaels! Of course, please try to take it when I’m teaching course 1 (we rotate). I’ll be teaching Course 1 in October and then not again until after the new year. The classes are a lot of fun and way worth it! You’ll be impressed with what you can do with a cake/cupcakes/cookies after you take the classes! 🙂 Each course is 4 weeks long and meets for 2 hours/week – Course 1 meets 6:30-8:30 Mondays.