Pink Roller Skate Cake

Does every little girl have a pair of pink roller skates with hot pink wheels? I did, and I remember skating on them until the stopper was worn to a nub. Ah, those were the days…

But, anyway, last week Debbie and I got to create a pink roller skate for Rachel’s 6th birthday party! Debbie carved the cake, and I decorated it. They told us they wanted pink – lots of pink.

So we gave them pink!

The wheels were carved out of cake (that was a pain in the tushy). The stopper was a giant ball of fondant.

And the laces and pom-poms were made of fondant. I love putting little stitch marks on cakes. It adds extra detail that, in my opinion, really enhances the cake appearance without adding a lot of decorating time if you use a little stitching wheel like this one!

I made a confession to Debbie today. I told her I will always try to “steal” the fun cakes like this one before she can decorate them. It’s a major character flaw of mine. I could say I’m trying to improve…but that’d be a lie. I just love to do the fun cakes! Is that so wrong?!

5 thoughts on “Pink Roller Skate Cake”

  1. So pretty – looks like a real roller skate! I agree that the "stitching" adds a touch of reality to the cake. Beautiful, Mel!

  2. too cute! my 6 1/2 daughter is in love with her roller skates. her's are purple only because they didn't have pink ones. the stitches are fab and i love the pompoms!

  3. that is so cool it looks like a real roller skate i thought it was until it said roller skate cake!!

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