Guinea Pig Cuteness

Last weekend, some of our good friends went out of town and left their furry friends in our care. They have four guinea pigs! Considering our track record in pet sitting this year, I really had no idea what to expect…

At first they were a little timid – a bit on-edge after the car ride over to our house. They didn’t like it when I put my big photography light on them either. They all huddled together in one-third of the cage for a bit.

Then they decided to check out their surroundings. They are surprisingly difficult to get a good photo of because they move in fast little scurries! But I managed to get a few. Here, let me introduce them:

Meet Snuffleupagus! She’s different shades of brown, chubby, and very furry. As Adam’s Mommy put it, “Her hair goes in every direction except down!” But the best part of all…check this out…

Um…how can she see where she’s going? You can’t even see her eyes! From this angle, she’s a giant fur ball with 2 little nostrils and a little mouth. She’s also a little dense. Apparently, she has the tendency to walk into a corner of the cage and start squealing because she thinks she’s stuck. Yea…

Ok, moving on…

On the left, you see Hedge Piggle! And on the right, showing a little ‘tude, is Troggle.

Here’s a close-up of Hedge Piggle. Isn’t that an adorable little expression?! Who knew a guinea pig was capable of such cuteness?!

The piggies LOVE carrots!

And if you don’t give each of them their own carrot fast enough, they’ll steal it from the other pigs and cause Piggie drama. No one likes Piggie drama.

See? Hedge Piggle is just getting her carrot and Skitterbug is already planning her attack.

Yay! Carrots!

Adam & I really enjoyed watching the Piggies, but Nani definitely had the most fun! I think she considered them her little Piggies. She was really curious so we pushed a chair up against the table their cage was on. She loved to sit there and watch the piggies. If I opened the cage, they’d sniff each other, nose-to-nose.

They were instant friends! In fact, when the Piggies left our house last night, Nani actually cried at the door. Then, she ran over to her chair, checked the empty table, and cried some more.

I think she’s finally getting over the Piggie separation anxiety…but maybe she needs another friend. If I get another puppy for Nani as a gift, Adam can’t say no, right???

3 thoughts on “Guinea Pig Cuteness”

  1. Mel – That is such a cute photo story! I'm trying to decide if I'm brave enough to try my hand at a children's book – using your piggie story, of course. Oh, and the last thing you need is another dog. You are too dang busy!

  2. They are so cute! So sad for Nani, I'm sure she misses her new friends. Maybe she thought you guys got her some pets. 🙂 Curtis used to say that one of our cats belonged to our dog, Cinder. When him and his roommates lived together and had too many pets. He would say if the landlord asks, he would refer him to Cinder because Roswell belonged to her. 🙂

  3. Ben and Shelby

    Mel! These photos are just tooo cute! Who thought Nicole's pigs could get any cuter 🙂

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