I Heart Faces: Desserts

Ok, I badgered Elise in the last post…but I’ll praise her in this one. She has convinced me to enter a photo into an online competition!

This week, the theme for the competition on I Heart Faces is desserts! Hello, I can do that!

But, I’m not just going to enter a cake, cupcakes, or cookies…too expected. Instead, I’m entering this photo:

An entirely edible bouquet of sugar flowers!

Check out Elise’s entry here (I’m in it!), and all the other entries at I Heart Faces: Desserts.

12 thoughts on “I Heart Faces: Desserts”

  1. stunning!!!! simply beautiful! i've made gumpaste flowers before and i know they are hard to make and take time, but totally amazing work!!! 🙂

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