She Loves Mickey, Dang It!

I have a certain friend…

who has the cutest daughter…

who is turning 2 in May!

Long ago, I promised to make her birthday cake! Yay for cake!

My friend…let’s call her Elise* for argument’s sake…Elise wants her daughter’s birthday party to be retro chic themed. He really loves this French postcard she found on Etsy and wants me to use that as inspiration for the cake.

No problem!


Except that her daughter LOVES Mickey Mouse! Playhouse Mickey is practically her favorite show on TV AND she just met Mickey at Disney World for the first time earlier this year. How can you deprive your child of THE Mickey Mouse on her birthday? After all, you only turn 2 once!

Why not consider a super fun cake like this one that Debbie & I made last week?

Or this one that my former Wilton student, Grace S, made!

Playhouse Disney! Perfect! Wait… perfectly adorable!

*Names were not changed to protect the innocent. Love ya, Elise!

3 thoughts on “She Loves Mickey, Dang It!”

  1. Haha! Darn that "Elise!" She won't give her daughter a Mickey birthday like all the other kids' moms.

  2. What did you make the Mickey ears out of in the first picture?? or did you buy the ears seperately?? I like you design but i cant find those ears anywhere.. :/

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