Baby Shower Cake

I love baby showers! Who doesn’t!? All those cute little clothes, the tiny shoes, the blankets, etc!

Last weekend, I got to decorate a cake for a baby shower that was based on this cake. Well, it wasn’t just based on that cake, the customer wanted pretty much an exact replica!

So, similar to the original cake, the baby’s rump was made in a half ball pan and covered with white fondant. The legs and feet were formed out of Rice Krispies treats and covered with fondant. And the blanket, polka dots, and bow are all made of fondant.

Love the concept…wish I had thought of it…

2 thoughts on “Baby Shower Cake”

  1. how much do you charge for this cake?? some one asked me to make one. i'm kinda new to cake selling so i'm not sure of a reasonable price. i know its a time consuming job

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