My Favorite New Cake-cessories

Everyone knows accessories “make” the outfit, but don’t you just love when they’re cute AND functional?

My two new cake-cessories are just that!

Ever since I cut 12 inches off my hair…drastic, I know…I can’t pull it all back in a ponytail when I work on cakes. That just won’t do!

Then I came across the Sweaty Band at the runner’s expo for the Princess Half Marathon. Perfect! The bands come in so many different patterns and are just adorable! The inside of the band (the part against your head) is lined with a velvety material so it doesn’t slide around. If people can play sports in them, surely I can decorate cakes in them!

Oh yes, I’m loving it! Keeps my hair out of my face without having to look frumpy.

And this next cake-cessory will help all of you, I’m sure! Don’t you just hate getting icing/dough/batter/etc in your jewelry? I used to put my rings in my pocket…then I’d forget and they’d go through the laundry…yikes! Big problem!

The solution? A heavy-duty charm holder from Brighton.

The clasp is easy to open one-handed so you can quickly slide your rings on and get back to work!

The rings stay clean and out of the way, ready to be placed back on your fingers when the work is through!

(Photos by Elise Kersey. Thank you, Elise!)

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