3-D Carved Construction Pals Cake

I’m super excited about the cake I’m going to share with you today! We were asked to make a 3-D dump truck from Construction Pals. Again, I’d never heard of them so we did a little research…

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And the little guy we were asked to replicate is front & center!

I carved the truck out of two stacked cakes. Then I iced him in buttercream and covered him with fondant. I quickly found out that using fondant panels was much easier than using one giant sheet of yellow fondant. To give you an idea of size, he stood about a foot and a half tall and was sitting on a 20-inch square board (I think).

I had hollowed out the top a little so we could put “dirt” (crushed cookies) in the dump truck bed. And the wheels were made of Rice Krispies Treats and covered with fondant.

Cute little bugger, aint he?

In all, I probably spent over 10 hours on him. He gave us some major troubles mid-stream but we got it all worked out in the end.

Happy 1st Birthday, Braydon!

4 thoughts on “3-D Carved Construction Pals Cake”

  1. Now that's a perfect cake for a 1-year old boy! It looks exactly like the construction pal character.

  2. faithy, the baker

    fantastic work! So cute! you really brought the character to life. 🙂

  3. Construction Pals Party Favors

    Oh my god! The cake is so sweet and cute, you're creativity is great. I must say it. This party thme is one of my favorite.

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