Gators Graduation Cake

Here is a high school graduation cake we made for a girl planning to attend UF next year. You heard me right – high school graduation. What will her parents do when she graduates college?!

It was a four-tier cake covered in fondant.

The cake was topped with blue ribbon roses. The top tier was quilted and accented with blue & orange dots at the intersection points. The second tier was decorated with random polka dots.

The third tier had orange & blue stripes, and the bottom tier had cute little daisies.

This cake was a perfect example of teamwork. I set the cake up and covered it with fondant, quilted the top tier, put the polka dots on the second tier, and made the ribbon roses. Debbie did the stripes, daisies, and bow on the bottom. And pretty much the whole thing was done at the same time – with Debbie working on one side of the cake and me working on the other.

Must have been a great graduation party, huh?!

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  1. Kelly's Lucky You

    Amazing cakes, you are an artist!

    Congratulations on winning a prize at Build A Beautiful Blog Week! I'm a new follower and looking forward to reading more on your blog. I'm also putting your button on my blogroll, if you want to trade, mine is on my sidebar.

    Thank you for entering-


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