Purple Cakes!

Today feels like a good day for purple! Purple is a funky color…Fridays should be a little funky…so we’re going to have purple cakes this Friday. (Yea, it’s a weak excuse…deal with it.)

This cake was covered in purple fondant and then decorated with black fondant accents to look like giraffe print. The “40” topper was made out of gum paste a few days earlier so it had plenty of time to dry.

And this cake really is funky! It was also huge & really heavy! The topsy turvy cake tiers were covered in fondant and decorated with fondant accents.

The customer wanted it really crazy and over-the-top so we made giant bows and ribbon roses to go on the cake too.

There was a LOT going on in that cake! It actually makes me tired just looking at it again. Happy Friday!

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5 thoughts on “Purple Cakes!”

  1. I LOVE the second cake. How did you get the stripes on the bow? Cut them out, stick on, and run the whole thing through the pasta maker?

  2. nothing short of amazing, and the purple is Wow!
    I just caught up with you on FB too.

  3. Roxanne, I didn't have a pasta machine at the time so I rolled out some black fondant and made little strips. Then I rolled some white fondant a little thicker than normal, placed the black strips over it, and gently rolled over the whole thing. This way, the black gets pushed into the white. You have to be careful not to screw up the stripes when you do this though. 🙂

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