Gator Football Helmet Cake

One of the groom’s cakes we’ve recently done was a 3-D carved cake that looked like a Gators football helmet.

Doing a 3-D carved cake always adds quite a bit of difficulty to the whole process, but the hardest part of this cake wasn’t the carving. In fact, I achieved a new personal record and carved the whole thing in 25 minutes! It’s basically just a block of cake that you round to a sphere – not too complicated.

Nope, the hardest part was covering it with the orange fondant. Fondant just doesn’t like to cover spheres nicely.

Once the orange fondant was in place, the rest of the decorations were pretty simple: blue and white stripes down the middle, an edible image Gators log slapped on the sides, and gum paste snakes rolled for the face mask.

For a finishing touch, I spread some sugar “sand” around the base of the helmet and put little random patches of grass.

I’ll post another Gators-themed cake tomorrow…but to help balance things out, I’ll leave you with this:

Ah, I feel better now.

3 thoughts on “Gator Football Helmet Cake”

  1. THANK YOU for the last part. Man, it was getting hard to stay focused with all the orange and blue! 🙂 Beautiful, as always! – Katie

  2. where did you get the edible Gator logo? I want to make my husband a Gator cake for his 40th! Great job. Love the graduation cake too. 🙂

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