Free Fonts For Everyone & A Great Giveaway!!

I just had to share these with all of you!

1. Check out this giveaway for either a NEW Cannon 5D Mark digital camera OR a $2500 Gift Card to Southwest Airlines! Did someone say Christmas in March?! Wait, my birthday is in March! Go enter the giveaway. If you win, leave a comment about it – it would totally make my day if one of my readers won this giveaway! So go! Enter the giveaway, and then come back to check out my #2 below.

2. I have recently discovered this amazing website where you can download all kinds of cool fonts for your computer. When I say recently, I mean like 15 minutes ago…and I’ve already downloaded 30+ fonts!

I just started scrapbooking digitally using the Creative Memories software (which I love!), and you can use any font you have on your computer. I’m super excited to start using all my new fonts now. Here are a few I like:

1 thought on “Free Fonts For Everyone & A Great Giveaway!!”

  1. Haha, tell me you found out about the camera from me! Also, I love dafont! I have several of their fonts. Although…this one ( I love even more, especially for digital scrapbooking, because it looks like you handwrote it. I use their fonts when I make collages for the blog.

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