David’s Bridal Display Cake

This post is LONG overdue because this is a cake I made back in January, but with all the competitions going on lately, there’s been so many other cakes to post! So I’m finally getting around to posting this one.

Anyway, one of my first jobs for Ms Debbie’s Sugar Art was to work with the managers at David’s Bridal in Gainesville, FL to create a show cake for the store. After a quick visit to the store, we decided to use really fresh, Spring-like shades of pink and green on the cake.

This was such a tricky cake to design because every bride likes something different on her wedding cake! I finally decided to use some really popular techniques (like the quilting on the top and 3rd tiers) while keeping the cake very clean and uncluttered.

As a side note, I apologize for the photos on this post. I tried to use a white background, and I really hate how the photos came out. Too bad I’m not skilled with Photoshop to fix them! Well, you can see the cake, and that’s what matters, right?

For the cake topper, I made pink gum paste roses and dusted them with a slightly darker shade of pink for accents. To make the quilting pattern, I used a quilting tool. This was my first time using a tool for this! I usually just use a ruler or straight edge, but it was SO much easier to use the quilting tool!

On the second tier, I created fondant drapes and allowed the green fondant-covered cake to show through – a nice burst of color!

On the third tier, I repeated the quilting pattern. And I gently draped fondant lace over the top of the last tier.

I’m curious to see how long the cake holds up in David’s Bridal. The cake isn’t protected behind glass or anything like that so I’m sure plenty of people will be touching it. It’ll probably be ready for a make-over by the end of the season. Awesome! That means I get to design another cake!

What kind of designs and/or colors would you like to see on the next show cake?

2 thoughts on “David’s Bridal Display Cake”

  1. I love the colors & designs on this cake. Beautiful! I would love to see a gorgeous white "tulle" cake with white-on-white flowers spilling from top to bottom (more on top). Check out Carolina Herrera's Spring 2010 collection for an idea.

  2. Pretty cake! I have a technical question– when you draped the lace fondant over your bottom tier, do you cut it to size first or carefully trim it after it's on? Did you put on the pattern before you applied it or after? Seems like it would be a delicate process either way. 🙂

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