Cookies and Other Sweets

Speckled Easter Egg Cookies

Spring is upon us!  In fact, Easter is this Sunday!  This week, we made these Speckled Easter Egg Cookies for 3 different clients.  1 order was shipped to Georgia; 1 order went to Plant City; and 1 order stayed here in Tampa.

Logo & Photo Cookies

Need some party favors for your birthday, wedding, or business promotion?  We’ve got just the thing for you! Using our PhotoFrost printing system, we can print any high quality image onto edible paper using food color.  Then, we can stick that image onto one of our sugar cookies with our yummy icing. Here are some …

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Now for Sale: Cookie Decorating Kits

I’m excited to announce a new product we’re offering!  Cookie Decorating Kits! Let me explain… Have you ever had the urge to decorate cookies but dread the hassle of making the cookie dough, rolling the dough, cutting the shapes, baking the cookies, cooling the cookies, mixing the icing, coloring the icing, and preparing your piping …

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Chic Designer Print Cupcake Cookies – Online Auction #AFundForJennie

Tragedy – an event in which one or more losses, usually of human life, occurs that is viewed as mournful; a disastrous event. We all know the definition of a tragedy, and yet when one blindsides us, we are left speechless. Who do we turn to for comfort? How do we comfort those experiencing the …

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