Now for Sale: Cookie Decorating Kits

I’m excited to announce a new product we’re offering!  Cookie Decorating Kits!

Let me explain…

Have you ever had the urge to decorate cookies but dread the hassle of making the cookie dough, rolling the dough, cutting the shapes, baking the cookies, cooling the cookies, mixing the icing, coloring the icing, and preparing your piping bags?  By the time you get to decorate the cookies, you have no energy left, right???

Well, let’s take those 8 steps and cut them down to 1!  Let us get the cookies and icing ready so all you have to do is prepare your icing bags before you decorate.  Sound too good to be true?

I wouldn’t get your hopes up like that unless I really meant it.

Effective immediately, you can order a Cookie Decorating Kit in a theme of your choice.  It’ll come equipped with 2 1/2 dozen sugar cookies, 3-4 icing colors, a variety of sprinkles, disposable piping bags, and decorating tips.  The kits, designed for up to 6 cookie decorators, are $35.00 but you can add more cookies/icing/supplies for an additional charge if you have a larger group.  Here is a photo of a Christmas Cookie Decorating Kit being shipped out tomorrow:

Check the website for more information, and contact us at to order your kit!

BONUS: We are donating a percentage of all cookie orders in 2012 to the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure, and this will include all Cookie Decorating Kit orders.  So, by having fun decorating cookies, you’re also supporting a good cause!