Gender Reveal Cake…REVEALED!

Last week, I posted a sneak peak of a Gender Reveal Cake we were working on.  In case you’ve been living under a rock lately, a gender reveal cake is a new, fun way expectant couples are discovering what gender their baby is!  Generally, the couple asks the doctor to write the gender down on a piece of paper and seal it into an envelope.  Then, they take that envelope directly to their cake decorator.  The decorator bakes a pink or blue cake and then uses gender neutral decorations.  So when the couple cuts into the cake, they see BLUE or PINK to indicate BOY or GIRL!  How fun?!

We were so excited when we got our first order for a gender reveal cake last week!  This time, though, the couple knew the gender, but wanted to surprise their family members with the cake cutting.  Here’s the sneak peak I posted last week:

Gender Reveal Cake Sneak Peak

And here’s the finished, decorated cake.  “He? She? Open to see!”

Gender Reveal Cake - Pink or Blue???

Here are the pictures the couple sent me from their gender reveal party!
Gender Reveal Cake - PINK! It's a girl!It’s PINK!  It’s a girl!

PINK - It's a girl!

The cake was pink vanilla cake with strawberry buttercream filling.  The cake was iced in white buttercream with fondant polka dots and a bow topper.

And to make things even more fun, here’s the video they took during the cake cutting:

Information for ordering a Gender Reveal Cake can be found here on our “Other Sweets” page.

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