Afternoon Pajama Party Cake!

Here’s another adorable birthday party idea – a pajama party!  But if your girls are young like Reese (turning 5) and Hadley (turning 2), have an afternoon pajama party!  Get the kids hyped up on cake and goodies and then send them HOME to bed.  Genius!

Reese’s and Hadley’s mom knew she wanted a pink cake with ombre ruffles, a princess crown topper, and bunny slippers.  So this is what we created for them:

A girly princess cake with edible bunny slippers - perfect for a pajama party!

The princess crown was created out of fondant and airbrushed gold.  The top tier was decorated with the quilting pattern and pink dots.

A close-up of the princess crown topper and quilting on the top tier of the cake.

And the bottom tier was decorated with pink fondant ombre ruffles.  If you are not familiar with the term ombre, it refers to the fading of colors.  So, in this case, we went from a darker pink on the bottom of the cake to a very, very pale pink on the top of the tier.

A close-up of the pink fondant ombre ruffles on the bottom tier.

And, since it was a pajama party, we created edible bunny slippers for each of the birthday girls.  The bunny slippers were made of Rice Krispies Treats using this great online tutorial from My Cake School.  And they matched the bunny slippers the birthday girls gave the party-goers to wear! So cute!

And a close-up of the edible bunny slippers - one pair for each birthday girl!

Happy Birthday, Reese & Hadley!

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