Pink Pirate Birthday Party

We love when parents approach us with adorable birthday party themes.  We’ve got a couple of super cute ones to share with you this week, but we’ll start with this one for a little girl who was born on Valentine’s Day!

Savannah celebrated her 5th birthday with a pink pirate party and asked all party-goers to wear their best pirate gear.  How fun!  Her mom gave us free reign to design the birthday cake so we used the party invitation (made by Party So Perfect) as inspiration:

The pink pirate party invite made by Party So Perfect (!The Pink Pirate cake inspired by the birthday invitation was covered with fondant and decorated with fondant stripes and hearts.

Since Savannah’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day, her Mom asked that we incorporate hearts into the cake design.  What better way than to swap the polka dots on the invitation with hearts!?

The hand-made & personalized cake topper for Savannah's birthday cake.

The cake was topped with a replica of the pirate on the invitation, but we changed her to a red-head swashbuckler to match Savannah.

Close-up of the fondant treasure map, birthday banner, and cake decorations

Then, we created a fondant treasure map like the one Savannah’s Mom included with the invitation, giving directions to the party.

The treasure chest was created out of Rice Krispies Treats and covered with fondant.  And, of course, it was overflowing with fondant gold coins and beads!

And no pirate party is complete without some booty!  We made a treasure chest out of Rice Krispies Treats and filled with with fondant gold coins and jewels!

The birthday girl and her cake!

Aye, and here is Cap’n Savannah now! Happy Birthday, matey!