A Birthday & Graduation Celebration!

This week, I made a cake for a family friend who was graduating from high school. The graduation happens to coincide with her own birthday as well as the birthdays of 4 other family members. Rather than combine the birthdays and graduation into one giant cake, I made two cakes to sit side-by-side. Besides, Jordyn deserved the spotlight for graduating from high school so she shouldn’t have to share her cake, right?!

Here is a close-up of Jordyn’s graduation cap cake, which is very similar to the cake I made for Jiejin when she got her Ph.D. last March. I was pretty much given free reign regarding how to decorate these cakes. I really liked how Jiejin’s graduation cap came out so I decided to do it again! Jordyn graduated from Chamberlain High School, whose mascot is the Chiefs, so I made a pennant to represent her love of sports and school activities (she was the Senior Class Vice President and President of the Latin Club).

And here is the birthday cake! I wanted this cake to look like a very simple, classic birthday cake. The cake is covered in buttercream icing and decorated with a shell border. Fondant circle cut-outs were used to make the geometric design on the side of the cake. To give the cake a little umph, I piped each person’s name on a gum paste pennant, and stuck them in the cake. I wasn’t at the party this weekend, but apparently they all took their little pennants home. I’m glad they all liked the cake! Congratulations, Jordyn, and Happy Birthday, everyone!

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  1. Your mortar board cakes are always so realistic. The birthday cake is simple but has an understated elegance.

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