Nani’s Exhausting Weekend

This weekend, Nani had a blast! It started with an exciting road trip on Friday night to Adam’s parents’ house in Tampa – she loves riding in the car and insists on sitting on the arm rest between the two front seats so she can see all the action! The only problem with that is the armrest is smooth plastic so she tends to slide all over the place during car rides.

Then came the thrill of a backyard! She doesn’t have this luxury at home so she sits by the back door constantly, until someone will let her out. This excitement is enhanced by the fact that (a) there are lots of fun sounds (kids playing, dogs barking, etc) and (b) the Judges have a compost pile in the backyard which she loves to raid for a special snack!

On Saturday afternoon, we went to the Upper Tampa Bay Park for a picnic lunch and a hike on a nature trail. Like just about any other dog, Nani loves nature trails. There are so many smells and sticks!

Oh look, here comes the gang now – with Nani leading the way!

When we got back to the car, we were all more than ready to head home. The hike was only a 1/2 mile, but it was very hot and the mosquitoes were insanely aggressive! We tried to give Nani some water before we got in the car, but she would have none of that. She immediately sprawled out in the backseat and was panting harder than I’ve ever seen her pant before. But, she still looked happy!

Then, things started to turn sour. All of a sudden she looked miserably hot….

Poor thing, we had the A/C on as high as it would go, but she just couldn’t seem to cool off.

Shortly after that picture was taken, she abruptly stood up and started making gurgling sounds. I quickly grabbed the plastic bag we’d carried to pick up any of her “little presents” during the walk (and fortunately had not used) and held it under her head while she threw up. Since we were still 20 minutes away from home, I was lucky enough to have to carefully hold the bag until we got home. Yummy!

Don’t worry though, by the time we arrived home, she was her chipper self again! We gave her a piece of ice to help her cool down even more. She has always loved ice! She noses at it, examines it from all angles, rolls on it, eats some of it, and then gets distracted and walks away so the rest melts on the floor. Can you see the ice cube in this picture? (Hint: it’s near her tail.) Look at those crazy Rabies eyes!!!

On Friday night, we went fishing with Adam’s cousins at a lake in the neighborhood and then the family all came over to the Judges’ for dinner. Nani just loves those kids. She and Noah chase each other around the house, and Taylor gives her rubs while she relaxes and catches her breath. She loves Cody too, but she barks playfully at him all the time so we try to keep the two separated!

On Saturday, we drove up to Nobleton, FL (Ever heard of it??? Look here.) for lunch at a place called the Paddler’s Cafe/Pub. For more pictures of the lunch and location, go to my other blog. I’ll be posting the stuff there for a class assignment this week. Anyway, Nani had lots of fun running around the grounds and even took a turn on the bench swing!

For the rest of the afternoon and evening, she lay in her bed and slept. I guess all the excitement of the weekend had finally caught up to her. Just look at those sleepy eyes….