Exciting News – Seminoles, Gators, & ICES!

I have exciting news for all of you today! Brace yourselves – sit down! These are gonna be doosies!

1. The Seminole baseball team is in the Super Regionals, which start this week! In fact, they’re hosting some of the games. Tune in to ESPN starting on June 5th for coverage and views of my beautiful Alma Mater!

2. The Gator softball team is currently in the College World Series Championships! They lost 8-0 against Washington last night in Game 1, but I predict that Game 2 (tonight at 8pm on ESPN) will be a completely different story. The Gators had a REALLY off game last night so they need to focus and think clearly tonight! If the Gators win tonight, they’ll play a 3rd game against Washington on Wednesday night to determine the 2009 champions!

3. My Romantic Escape cake was featured in the June 2009 International Cake Exploration Soceite (ICES) newsletter! This is a newsletter that’s read by thousands of professional and amateur cake decorators around the world so I’m VERY excited about it! The cake was pictured on the back of the newsletter and a tutorial I wrote took up 4 pages inside the newsletter!

4 thoughts on “Exciting News – Seminoles, Gators, & ICES!”

  1. Way to go, Mel. Of course, I think it’s a well-served honor to be published for your work! Love ya.

  2. You didn't mention that the Gator Baseball team is also hosting a Super Regionals ;o)

    Way to go on the newsletter, that is awesome!

  3. When I clicked on the 2nd link it came back with a message the page couldn't be displayed.

    Melanie, you are definitely going places with your cake decorating. Your work is fantastic. Congratulations on being in the ICE newletter.

  4. Lark, I chose to focus on the SEMINOLE baseball team! haha! Adam said the same thing though. 🙂

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