While I was gone…

While I was on vacation last week, Edna de la Cruz* wrapped up her online cake decorating competition.  The theme was “Summer Sensations,” and all you had to do was email her a photo of a cake you’d made with that theme!  I sent her a photo of Cassidy’s pool party cake for the Intermediate/Advanced division.

It’s ironic…I posted this cake in honor of my Dad’s birthday since we had already booked our Caribbean cruise and were looking forward to it.  This competition wrapped up while we were on the cruise…and I was awarded 1st place in the Intermediate/Advanced division!

Also ironic: I created a sugar cruise ship, gators in beach chairs, palm trees, a ship’s wheel, and an anchor for a cruise-themed cake going out last week while I was on vacation.  I can’t wait to see how the cake turned out, and I’ll be sure to post pictures here!

*Edna is a cake blogging friend of mine.  She does amazing work at Design Me A Cake in Orlando, FL.  She entered a gorgeous gold cake at the Let’s Eat Cake Fundraiser in Gainesville last year, and she is going to be a judge in the Florida I.C.E.D. Cake Competition in Ocala, FL in March 2010!

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