Pink & Black Zebra Cake

Did you all miss me???  Did you even notice that I hadn’t posted anything in a week?!  Nah, you probably didn’t…whatever…

But what matters most is that I’m back!  Last week, I went on a relaxing cruise with my hubby and my parents.  I’ll post some pictures later this week.  But I’m dying to post some cake pictures – I’m going through cake blog withdrawal! 

Here’s a cute cake we made a couple of weeks ago for a first birthday party.

The cakes were covered with white or black fondant.  The top and bottom tiers were decorated with pink fondant zebra print, and the middle tier was wrapped with a giant pink bow.

And, because this was a 1st birthday, we gave them a matching “smash” cake.  Fun cake!  I can’t wait to see what they order next year!

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