Two Polka Dot Cakes

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to make two 2-tier cakes with polka dots! I love decorating with polka dots because A) it’s such a clean, fun design and B) it’s super easy to do.

The first one was made up of 6- and 10-inch round tiers covered in white fondant. The cake was covered with black polka dots and decorated with a big pink bow on top, a pink gift tag, and pink numbers.

The second one was a little more fun to make. Again, it was made up of 6- and 10-inch round tiers. This time, the polka dots were multicolored! I like it better already! This cake was for a Venetian masquerade-themed birthday party so I made a gum paste mask for the top and hand-painted it with gold luster dust. After I had added the mask and gift tag, I felt like the cake still needed something…so I made some ruby red roses and edged the petals with gold luster dust. Now, it’s ready for the party!

5 thoughts on “Two Polka Dot Cakes”

  1. I love both, but my top pick is the Venetian masquerade-themed cake. Polka-dots are so easy, even I can do them! Excellent & beautiful work as always, Me.

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