Topsy Turvy 40th Birthday Cake

Here’s a fun one for ya:

5-tier topsy turvy cake created to celebrate Bon's 40th birthday!

Last weekend, Bon celebrated his 40th birthday with a 5-tier topsy turvy cake!  The cake was covered with fondant and decorated in white, yellow, blue, and silver.  The hand-made topper resembled a loopy gift bow.

Gift bow topper on Bon's topsy turvy 40th birthday cake.

And the bottom tiers displayed polka dots, diamonds, more bow loops with swirls, and retro dots.

Bottom 3 tiers of Bon's 40th birthday cake!

Can you read what the cake board said?  “Happy Birthday, Bon!  40 is a Drag” because they celebrated at Hamburger Mary’s Saturday night drag show!  Admittedly not for everyone…but how fun and unique!

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