Thomas the Tank Engine Birthday Cake

If you’ve ever watched the Ace of Cakes, you know that they often say “It’s the week of [insert theme of choice].” You may think that’s just a gimmick for television, but it’s not! Cake orders come in trends for us too!

Two weeks ago, we did a cake for Thomas the Tank Engine. And, another – totally unrelated, I might add – customer requested the SAME cake last week! The only major difference was that the first customer wanted to put one of her child’s toys on the cake instead of having us make Thomas out of sugar. So…here’s Lucas’ cake without Thomas (he was added when they got the cake home):

And here’s Wyatt’s cake with the sugar Thomas:

Wyatt’s cake was made of 6- and 10-inch tiers so the ledge for Thomas to sit on was only about 2 inches. That means Thomas had to be even smaller because no one wants a train hanging precariously over the edge!

That tiny face and those chubby cheeks were tricky to hand-mold! But I’m happy with the finished product, and I love how the fence around the bottom tier came out!

What other themes have we had in our bakery? Polka dots (as evidenced by my last post), woodsy/garden cakes, butterflies, zebra print, etc! I’m sure you’ve seen a few of each of these on here already!

2 thoughts on “Thomas the Tank Engine Birthday Cake”

  1. Thomas is so adorable. I just love the entire cake. You're right about the fencing – it came out great!

  2. awesome, glad that my son didn't see this or else he'd want me to make it for him! And mommy definately doesn't have Thomas skills :o) It's all wilton pans for me.

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