Sophisticated but Fun Polka Dot Cakes

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but polka dots are very popular on cakes right now. Big ones, small ones, random ones, perfectly aligned ones…they’re all “in.”

And there are so many great things about polka dots cakes!

1. They’re festive and fun!

2. Yet they are sophisticated at the same time.

2. They’re ageless. We’ve done polka dot cakes for tiny tots, tweens, high school graduates, 40th birthday parties, and even for those who are just “young at heart.”

4. They can be multicolored or monochromatic. And they can really add a “splash” of color to a cake!

5. They can be put on buttercream cakes for those of you have that strange fondant-phobia.

Do you love polka dots? Tell me why!

2 thoughts on “Sophisticated but Fun Polka Dot Cakes”

  1. I do love polka dots, for all the reasons named above. I also love them because I can use a little cookie cutter thingie to cut them out myself!

  2. Nancy Williamson

    Polka dots are fun and make me smile! They remind me of dalmation puppies, party confetti, and rain drops. I love them all!

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