Shout Outs!

A few people in my life have recently been recognized for their superior effort at work so I thought I’d give them a quick shout out here too!

**Adam’s company, Affiliated Engineers, was ranked 4th on the Building Design & Construction’s 2009 Giants – Top 50 Engineering Firms Survey. All that engineering gobbeldy gook is way over my head so I can’t explain what that means, I just know it’s good! Way to go!

**Before Goody’s closed its doors, my aunt Deborah Roche’ was named The Associate of the 3rd Quarter! Amazing work!

**My mom, Sue Mitchell, a teacher in TX, was recognized as a district leader in elementary mathematics instruction. She was then chosen to be trained as a First Steps in Mathematics facilitator. This means that she’ll be training and mentoring elementary school teachers in diagnosing what students think and know about mathematics, identifying what they need to learn, and choosing learning experiences to help them achieve the outcomes, including finding learning and developmental gaps and understanding how to fill those gaps. Wow, we need more dedicated teachers like you!

**My dad, Bob Mitchell, was recognized as Associate of the Month at JC Penney. The following was written about him (slightly edited to make sense to all of us non-JCP employees):

(Bob’s the one holding the certificate.)

“Bob, Sr. Allocator, came to the rescue when an Allocator needed help in processing her first new item. This was the first time for this Allocator to use this new program. Not to mention that this new item was a ‘Power Item’ and the vendor was new [also]. This Allocator felt the odds were against her when she started this project.

Bob rallied when this Allocator came to him for help! He walked her through the best practices. Bob followed up with this Allocator for updates and jumped in to help with all her questions. On Monday mornings he sought out to make sure the report was in line with [company] estimates. Despite his busy daily schedule he found time to attend this Allocator’s vendor meetings and provided support with the vendor’s questions regarding the process.

In addition to being a great coach, Bob is a great team member. He asks thoughtful questions and offers insightful comments during weekly allocation meetings. He is known throughout the Home team as a ‘go to’ person for answers. Bob learns all he can about the retail business in the Home Division.

Bob is truly deserving of the Associate of the Month title. He is a leader of excellence!”