Cancer Vixen Winner!

Congrats to Shirley for winning the book Cancer Vixen!

I’m home from the ICES Convention and it was AWESOME! I was so busy running from demonstration to volunteering post to demonstration to the vendor room (I just HAD to spend some money on the latest cake decorating tools) that I rarely had time to eat. Yikes! Luckily, the theme was “Sweet Time in ’09” so there was plenty of candy and cake around. Not great for the waist line, but perfect for that much-needed boost of energy! Update: My sugar bouquet made it in one piece – only one small petal was damaged but it was barely noticeable. Stay tuned for a few of my favorite photos from the convention. I took about 450 photos, but I won’t subject you to all that!

As a side note, as much as I liked my previous pink and brown blog template, too many people were having trouble leaving comments. I’m going back to the original – after all, why mess with something that isn’t broken, right?!