She’s a Pro!

We always knew Nani loved to have her picture taken, but she had the opportunity to have a professional photo shoot a few weeks ago! Adam and I went to Disney for his birthday on January 19th, and our friends Elise and James came over to play with Nani mid-day. Elise took the opportunity to practice with her new camera and Nani apparently loved all the attention!

Here she is trying to do her “serious” face. She wants you to think that she’s so used to her picture taken that she doesn’t even care to smile anymore. No, she’s not super excited that someone new is taking pictures of her. No, she couldn’t care less that she’s the center of attention right now. And no, that squirrel running by means nothing to her!

Oops! She just couldn’t hold it anymore! That smile just popped out! She was kidding about all that other stuff. She’s really having a blast and she just can’t contain it anymore!

Oooh, a squirrel…how nice of you to drop by…

This one is my favorite. Nani loves this fire hydrant. Actually, she really just loves to get her leash all tangled around it. This hydrant is right in front of our house and it’s located in her favorite potty spot. She loves to run around the spot while I frantically try to keep the leash clear of the hydrant (which is hard since she is short and so am I)!
Thanks for the great pictures, Elise!

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  1. Nani is such a cutie, I couldn’t resist a little photo shoot! I used to think getting Lorelei to stay still for a picture was difficult, but she’s nothing compared to Nani!

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