Pool Party Cake & Happy Birthday Dad!

“Hello mudda, hello fadda…
Here I am at
Camp Grananda…”*

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Yup, today is my Dad’s birthday! So in honor of his special day, I’m posting photos of a cake I did last week. It was for a 10-year-old girl, but I’m asking you to look past that fact. I know you can do it.

The point is that it’s a pool party cake! This summer, Adam & I are cruising around the Caribbean with my parents, and we’re really looking forward to it. So in anticipation of the abundance of food, the tropical ports of call, the ship pool, the poolside scrabble and poker games, and the inevitable sunburns…

This cake was iced in sky blue buttercream. The bubbles on the top tier were made ahead of time with melted white chocolate, and the waves on the bottom tier are just long fondant snakes.

And the umbrella and chairs were made of gum paste a few days in advance so they had plenty of time to dry.

Just a very clean, colorful cake. And, best of all, Cassidy loved it!

And, one more time… Happy Birthday, Dad!

*Dad & I have been singing this song since I was little…who knows why…it’s just something goofy we do. 🙂

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  1. FrostedFantasies

    Very cute cake! I love the chairs best! Hope your dad has a wonderful birthday!

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