Orange, Blue, and Gators Cakes!

Well, college football season has finally arrived! It’s my favorite time of year!

The only downside of football season is that I live in enemy territory. In the middle of Gator Country, we just don’t get many requests for Seminole cakes. Orange and blue is probably the most popular color combination we see in the bakery – birthday cakes, groom’s cakes, and wedding cakes. Yup, orange and blue weddings…

Here’s a groom’s cake I decorated a few weeks ago:

The Gator in the middle was made entirely out of colored piping gel. The groom specifically requested that we do it that way because he liked how the Gator looked shiny and jelly-like.

And here’s one of those orange & blue weddings I was telling you about:

The cake was iced in white buttercream, and each tier was wrapped with a thick orange ribbon.

I piped orange scrolls over the whole thing! And it was topped with giant silk orange flowers.

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  1. Those cakes look nice… They'd look better in UK Blue, but they do look great. Lots, and lots of work there. I don't envy you. 🙂

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