Cake Overload – Part 2!

Here’s 3 more cakes for you!

This cake was iced in white buttercream. We lined the sides with a collage of photos the bride provided us using PhotoFrost’s edible printing.

And the top had an edible image monogram to match the couple’s wedding invitation.

This zebra print cake was iced in buttercream and decorated with fondant accents. I remember when Kenzie’s Mom came to pick up the cake. She was so excited because her daughter had asked her to join them when they went “clubbing” that night. She felt so young and hip!

And this is a cake I made for the show room. It’s supposed to look like a woman’s blouse or jacket. Do you see it?

It was iced in pink buttercream and decorated with fondant buttons. The brooch was piped with buttercream and accented with sugar pearls.

And the Damask print is another edible image from Luck’s.

2 thoughts on “Cake Overload – Part 2!”

  1. I just love the photo collage cake. That one is so special and unique. Also love Kenzie's b'day cake and, yes, I can tell the pink cake is a blouse. Very nice, Mel.

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