Mudding Truck Cake

For one of our groom’s cakes last week, they asked for a replica of the groom’s truck after he’s gone mud bogging.

What? You’re not familiar with mud bogging? I would expect you civilized folks to know about it. Now, out here in the backwoods of Florida, it’s considered one of the best things since sliced bread!

Check out the link above for an explanation, but here are a couple of photos from this site to give you a visual image:

Oh yea! Good, old-fashioned fun!

The groom drove a big black truck so I carved it out of cake and covered it with fondant. Then, I mounted the truck on a huge mound of more cake covered with chocolate ganache.

Then came the fun part: spattering the whole truck with more “mud”!

Yup! Nice and muddy. Of course, I left the windshield wiper tracks clean so he could see where he was going – safety first!

7 thoughts on “Mudding Truck Cake”

  1. FrostedFantasies

    Amazing job! I bet the groom was in awe! And I bet it tasted as good as it looks!

  2. Absolutely the best mud-bogging cake I've ever seen! Oh, it's the only one I've ever seen, but really, it's amazing!

  3. This is one of my favorites! It's awesome and it looks like it was so much fun to make.

  4. LOVE THIS!!! Matt would love this as a birthday cake! He is all into that – has two trucks and all. Men!!! Anyway, this is the best muddin' cake I have ever seen! As always, amazing!!

  5. What a cake!!! Absolutely amazing! Is the truck molded? It looks so realistic. Keep up the good work, we'll see you on Food network!

  6. Thanks! No molds were used on this cake. The truck was hand-carved, covered in fondant, decorated, and then placed on top of the bottom cake that was covered with chocolate ganache "mud." Then…I got to splatter chocolate ganache mud all over the truck too! 😀

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