Girly Party Cake

I love when people are creative with the cake display. We spend hours on each cake so it’s a real shame to see it shoved to the back of a table in the corner of the room. But thanks to all the television shows about cake decorating, the cake is starting to take move of a center stage at parties and celebrations!

Last week, we did a cake for a 4-year-old’s birthday party, and her Mommy brought us a gorgeous silver platter to place the cake on.

The cake was iced in pink buttercream and decorated with fondant polka dots. Fondant daisies were placed in little bundles randomly around the cake and on the top. A big lime green bow graced the top tier, and the whole cake was crowned with a spray of colorful stars!

But the silver platter takes the whole thing to a new level! Now, I’m sure Elle felt special to get such a fun, huge cake for her 4th birthday. But, I imagine that the silver platter made her feel like a special “big” girl, don’t you think?! And what 4-year-old doesn’t want to be a “big” girl???

3 thoughts on “Girly Party Cake”

  1. Love it!!! The colors are so awesome.
    How thick is the wire that you use to hold up the stars? I bought some floral wire yesterday for a cake I'm doing, but I'm worried it might not be heavy enough to hold up the fondant.

  2. Ashley –
    I'm not good with numbers so I don't remember what guage the wire was…it was somewhere between 22 and 26, I think. Sorry!

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