Jared’s Dinosaur-Themed Bar Mitzvah

This week we had the honor of creating a fun and unique cake for Jared’s Bar Mitzvah.  The Bar Mitzvah was held at MOSI in Tampa, FL where the guests would be surrounded by dinosaur museum artifacts and have access to a Jurassic Park motion simulator!  Honestly, the party looked like it was going to be a blast – we were bummed to have to leave after delivering the cake! *wink*

But the cake was fun to make too. We iced the cake in green buttercream and airbrushed it with shades of yellows, greens, and browns to add depth and make it – well, ugly! Then we added hand-cut edible paper dinosaur shapes and lots of buttercream “greenery.”  At the party, we added Jared’s favorite dinosaur figurines for the full come-to-life, 3-D effect!  And what dinosaur cake is complete without a volcano overflowing with lava!?

Jared's buttercream-iced Bar Mitzvah cake with edible palm trees and toy dinosaurs.

The flavors they chose?  Red velvet cake with cream cheese filling (for the volcano, of course), chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling, and vanilla cake with buttercream filling.  Scrumptious!