Beck’s Under the Sea 1st Birthday Party

Have you caught on that we post sneak peeks on Facebook of our favorite cakes each week?  Here’s Beck’s Sneak Peek in case you missed it.

Beck had an “Under the Sea” 1st birthday party so we iced the cake in light blue buttercream and decorated it with fondant sea animals, buttercream kelp, and brown sugar “sand.”

Buttercream-iced cake with buttercream and fondant decorations to compliment the perfect "under the sea" theme of Beck's party.

The back of the cake featured jellyfish, seahorses, fish, and…

The back of Beck's cake showing the jellyfish, seahorses, and fish.


Another rear view of Beck's cake showing off the turtles!

And Beck’s Mommy asked us to make cookie favors to match the cake.  Fun!

Beck's cookie party favors - cute AND yummy!

Here’s the adorable little family as Beck was just getting acquainted with his smash cake.

Beck with his Mommy and Daddy...right before things got messy.

I love the look on his face here.  It’s like he’s saying, “Wait a minute.  You WANT me to make a mess?  Oh you’re asking for it now!”

"You mean you WANT me to make a mess with this thing???"

Beck finally started getting into the whole concept of a smash cake.

Like usual, it took him a little while to get the hang of it, but he quickly learned that smash cake = yumminess!

"Oooo, this messy blue stuff is pretty yummy!"

And to recap?  Here’s all the goodies we brought to Beck’s birthday party – an “Under the Sea” centerpiece cake, a smash cake, and coordinating cookie party favors.

Beck's 1st birthday cake, smash cake, and coordinating cookie party favors!