Dogsitting at the Judges’

We love puppies. Puppies of all size, shape, and age. Every dog is a puppy in my book.

Here’s our puppy:

Ain’t she precious?

She’s a little sweetheart. Wouldn’t hurt a fly. But…she’s also a scared-y cat. A few weeks ago, we were dogsitting my friend Shannon’s puppy, Tobi. Tobi is a 60-pound beast, but he’s also a real sweetheart. He just wanted to play with Nani, but Nani was so scared. She climbed up to the highest point on the couch to stay away from him. Poor, Tobi.

Tobi also ate 2 of Nani’s squeaking toys that night so he wasn’t feeling so hot. Big, dumb, sweet puppy.

Earlier this week, we dogsat another friend’s puppy, Bella. She’s a 6-pound pipsqueak of a dog. Very sweet and very high strung.

Nani and Bella love to play together. They chase each other around, nip at each others’ legs, and spin in crazy, tight circles.

Nani rarely lets Bella out of her sight. Except that somehow while I was taking these photos, she sneaked into the other room and devoured all of Bella’s food. The little sneak.

So what kind of person owns a dog like Bella? A young female socialite? A sweet old lady? A teenage girl?

Nope! Bella’s owner is a middle-aged man who talks baby-talk to her, owns like a bazillion cats, and poses willingly with the Chick-Fil-A cow.*

*David was offended that I had never mentioned him in the blog. So here ya go, David. Does anyone else feel left out? I’m sure I can dig up some embarrassing photos of you if so…

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  1. After seeing this, let me just say, on the record, that I do not feel left out one bit! Oh, and David looks so cute with the Chick-Fil-A cow! Are you sure he took this picture willingly after talking baby talk to his dog in public?!

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