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One of my cakes has been published in the magazine Mailbox News! While this is not necessarily a prestigious achievement, it’s still exciting the one of my cakes in print! Mailbox News is a small magazine put out by the same folks that do American Cake Decorating Magazine. If you’re a decorator, I highly recommend BOTH magazines because they’re excellent sources of ideas and information. Mailbox News is almost 100% comprised of viewer’s cakes. If you make a cake, you can send your photos and a brief description of how you created the cake to the editor. If you’re lucky, they’ll print your photo in an upcoming magazine! I have been submitting my photos since last summer and this is the first cake that has been published. Can you find it???

The description reads: “Melanie Judge of Gainesville, FL, decorated this confection for a local poker party. The marbled yellow-and-chocolate cake was baked in a 13×9-inch pan. She iced the cake with chocolate Italian Meringue Buttercream after carving the cake into a slightly oval shape. The cake was covered in chocolate fondant and adorned with colorful fondant and gumpaste accents. The edible topper, gum paste playing cards, was decorated with edible food writer markers.”

Thanks, Mailbox News!

3 thoughts on “As seen in…”

  1. That cake was such a hit at the poker tournament last year! I’m glad it finally got printed in the magazine!!

  2. Congratulations on having your work pictured in a magazine. The poker cake was so true-to-life. You do amazing work, Melanie.

  3. Your poker cake is so true-to-life. It's almost impossible to tell that everything ISN'T real but made of sugar & gum paste. Your work is amazing.

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