Announcing the Florida I.C.E.D. Cake Competition

I’m so excited to finally officially announce that I am helping organize a cake decorating competition in North Central Florida! It’s called the Florida I.C.E.D. Cake Competition (I.C.E.D. = Impressive and Creative Edible Delights) and will be in Ocala, FL on Sunday March 27, 2011.

It’s gonna be huge!

The theme is Romantic Wedding Dresses so all the entries will reflect that. Of course, the main competition is the wedding cake. Then, we have side competitions for wedding accessories and cupcakes!

The competition has different skill categories so the amateurs won’t have to compete against the professionals. Even if you just decorate as a hobby, you should enter!

I just launched the website yesterday so I’m so excited to finally be getting the word out there! The logo pictured here is the one I made (it’s no awesome but it’s my first try!), but my friend Allison is making an even better one for us! I’ll be posting updates to the competition (prizes, judges’ bios, new logo, etc) as we go so stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “Announcing the Florida I.C.E.D. Cake Competition”

  1. FrostedFantasies

    How exciting! I plan on attending! Maybe even entering a cake…or maybe not. I still feel too new to enter something like this. But it really is exciting anyway! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Frosted Fantasies, we love to have you come. Remember this will be alot of fun. Don't be intimidated. We also have the non-judged catagory, if you don't want to enter the judged ;0) Come have fun with us and spread the word !!!

  3. JulieD (

    Melanie, how exciting! Can't wait and the ICED site looks great!

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