Wilton Course 4

Finally, the last Wilton course! Keep in mind that by the end of this class, I’ve been taking Wilton courses for 16 weeks total (each course is 4 weeks long)! Just imagine how much money I’ve spent on cake supplies! Geesh! Anyway, in this course you learn to work with gum paste and do a little more with fondant. Gum paste is basically the same thing as fondant, but it’s stronger and dries more quickly. A lot of edible flowers and figurines are made of gum paste. The swans on the cake I brought to the convention were made of gum paste, actually!

The only cake we made in this class was a “wedding cake.” For this cake, we had to pre-make a bunch of fondant roses and then decorate the cake in the last class. This cake was huge – the bottom tier is 12 inches wide and the top is 6 inches wide! It was so heavy! The cake was supposed to be Red Velvet but I ran out of red food coloring so it came out more like a reddish-brown velvet! haha! Oh well!

2 thoughts on “Wilton Course 4”

  1. Beautiful artistry, especially for an “amateur”. AND, just because I’m your mother doesn’t mean I’m biased.

  2. OMG!! I love your site!! This is such a good idea for getting your cakes out there! I love this last one. It’s gorgeous. I would never guess this cake was done by an “amateur.” Your cakes look like you’ve been doing this for years.

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