Wedding Cakes With Fresh Flowers

Flowers on a wedding cake look very fresh & elegant. Flowers often represent new beginnings so they’re perfect for weddings!

When brides choose to add flowers to their wedding cakes, the florist just leaves them at the reception so we can add them when we deliver the cake. Usually, that works out just fine…unless, of course, there aren’t enough flowers.

For example, here’s a simple white and ivory wedding cake covered with fondant. According to the cake design, we were supposed to add flowers under the cake, under the top tier, and on the top of the cake.

Overall, it’s not a bad cake by any means. But just image how much more lush and elegant it would have looked it there were more flowers! There were gaping holes between the yellow roses under the cake, and the topper is simply meager.

Now, look at a buttercream cake we did last week where we were provided plenty of flowers to complete the cake design:

The blossoms were all relatively small so it took a greater number of them to create the full effect. But, I think you’ll agree that the flower layer under the top tier looks full, vibrant, and fresh!

And the bride requested two realistic sugar butterflies on the bottom tier. These butterflies are really “in” right now – very earthy and “free.” I’ve got a few more butterfly cakes to show you soon…you’ll like them!

7 thoughts on “Wedding Cakes With Fresh Flowers”

  1. Not sure my inexperienced eye would've thought much about the flowers, but with your narrative it's pretty clear that the 1st cake seems a bit sparse. Those butterflies look as if they're made of porcelain. Gorgeous!

  2. Both cakes look beautiful! Do you stick your flowers into anything or do you just trim off the stems and kinda lay them in there strategically?

  3. I think another layer of flowers on top of the base would have helped with the first cake. The 2nd cake is much prettier. Those squeely things must have taken a long time to put on the cake. Love the butterflies. The bride can keep these as one of her wedding day memories.

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