Vinny Lecavalier’s 1000th NHL Game Cake!

We are thrilled to share this cake with you!  Vinny Lecavalier, captain of the Tampa Bay Lightning NHL team, just played in his 1000th game.  That is quite an achievement!  So to celebrate, the team held an after-game reception in his honor last Friday night.

When Vinny’s wife asked us to make the cake for the celebration, we were elated…and honored…and a little nervous…all at the same time.  For such a special celebration, this cake had to be perfect!

After designing the cake with Caroline, we got right to work.  The flavors were red velvet cake with cream cheese filling, chocolate cake with Bavarian cream filling, and white almond cake with raspberry cream filling.  Yum!

The front view of Vinny Lecavalier's celebration cake.  1000 games in the NHL is a big deal!

The cake was topped with edible replicas of Vinny’s ice skates made from Rice Krispies Treats.  The whole cake was covered with either blue or white fondant, and we decorated the top tier with miniature silhouettes of hockey players.

Edible ice skates topper for Vinny Lecavalier's 1000 Game Celebration Cake.

The second tier read “Congratulations Vincent” and “1000 Games.”  And the bottom tier displayed Vinny’s number, the Tampa Bay Lightnings logo, and edible hockey pucks exploding out of the cake!

Side-view of Vinny Lecavalier's 1000 Game Celebration Cake.

The cake was definitely a fun one to make!  Did you see our Sneak Peek on Facebook?  That’s the best way to get the first glimpse at the cakes/cookies we’re working on.

Congratulations to Vinny, and good luck to the Tampa Bay Lightning!  We’re looking forward to a great season!