Retro 1960s Birthday Cake

Today, we’re going to take a trip back in time.  This is a retro cake we made in October so let’s take a walk down memory lane while the birthday girl remembers the fun of her youth!

Shannon asked us to make a mod, retro cake from the 1960s for her 50th birthday party.  She was going all out and even asked the guests to arrive in costume!  The ultimate flashback party!

We designed the cake with Shannon by using components she’d seen on other cakes and patterns taken off her party decor.

A tetro 1950s birthday cake covered and decorated with fondant and topped with hand-molded records and a go-go boot!

The 3 tiers were separated by Styrofoam spacers to give the cake extra height and pizzazz.  The cakes were covered in fondant and decorated with fondant stripes, circles, and retro squares.  Then, we adorned the cake with hand-molded edible daisies in her party colors – lime green, orange, hot pink, blue, brown, and silver.

Close-up of the retro topper - hand-molded records, daisies, and a go-go boot.

And the cake was topped with an hand-molded edible go-go boot and miniature records from the era – one from The Beatles and one from the Small Faces (Shannon’s personal favorites).

The cake was fun to make and we heard the party was even better!  Happy birthday, Shannon!