Two Thousand…WHAT?!

Two thousand ten? TEN? As in 2010? Are you kidding?! Wow…. Yay!

It’s been 2010 for 6 days now and I haven’t blogged one bit! Dang! But alas, I’m back…and I have a backlog of things to blog about! Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come:

-our exciting trip to Mulberry, IN
-our jam-packed graduation party
-a new Etsy store
-a spectacular giveaway
-a cookbook review

Brace yourself, folks – it’s gonna be a great year!

To start the year off, I’m going to wrap up some lose ends from last year. Here are a couple of cakes I created the week before Christmas.

The first was for a coworker’s daughter’s first birthday. She wanted a topsy-turvy cake that looked like it belonged in Dr. Seuss’ Whoville. She also asked me to create sugar elf versions of her two adorable daughters.

The cake was crumb-coated in buttercream and then covered with red fondant. The packages around the cake were also cut from fondant in a whimsical manner. The elf girls were made out of gum paste and the faces were hand-painted. I’m actually pretty thrilled with how the girls came out, and I love their Precious Moments-style eyes. Why can we all have eyes like that???

The second cake was for Adam’s boss’ Christmas party. *Gasp* If I don’t do this cake well…is Adam’s job in jeopardy? And on the flip side…if the cake is amazing, can Adam have a raise? That’d be more money to buy cake stuff with! Hey, a girl can dream.

Anyway, David wanted a stack of holiday packages. Fun! The bottom layer was a 12-inch chocolate cake; the middle was an 8-inch yellow cake; and the top was a 6-inch red velvet cake. All of the tiers were iced in colored buttercream and then airbrushed with pearl to give it a nice shimmer. The bows were all pre-made from gum paste, and the stripes and dots were added with fondant cut-outs. Overall, it was actually a pretty easy cake to make and not really all that time-consuming. Thanks, David! And a special thanks to my Mom, who helped me decorate, and to my Dad, who supervised the whole process and carried the cake to the car.

4 thoughts on “Two Thousand…WHAT?!”

  1. The presents look great! And I can't wait for the posts about your trip, your party and your etsy store!! 🙂

  2. Hey! I love how both the cakes came out! Those girls are really cute!! And the "gift boxes" cake is awesome!

  3. Hi Melanie! My name's Roxanne– I'm a blog subscriber of yours and I'm also starting a cake blog of my own ( I was wondering, did you cut the lettering on your whimsy cake out of fondant, or is it piped? What is a good cutting surface for fondant? Thanks!

    PS- Congrats on the Ph.D.!

  4. Roxanne, the letters for the whimsical cake were cut from fondant using FMM's Tappits. You can google it to find some, but you can also find them on Global Sugar Art, which is a vendor I really like. 🙂 Good luck with your blog!

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