Triple Threat Throwdown – Round 2!

The second round of the Triple Threat Throwdown took place on Sunday night – this time at a neutral location and with more variety in the audience. This round was cookies and took place over 2 courses. First, all three bakers presented their best classic chocolate chip cookie: Lourdes’ “Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookie” (left), my “Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookie” (top), and Elise’s “BEST Chocolate Chip Cookie” (bottom).

The scores after the chocolate chip category (out of a possible total of 280 points) were:
Lourdes – 220
Elise – 225
Me – 241 <-- Yay! I won the chocolate chip round! Then came the second category – Specialty Cookie! Each baker was allowed to choose which cookie to present and there were no rules or restrictions. The competing cookies were: Lourdes’ “Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookie” (left), Elise’s “Intense Chocolate Cookie” (top), and my “Chocolate Surprise Cookie” (right).
And the scores in the Specialty Cookie category are (out of a possible total of 420 points):
Lourdes – 340
Me – 355
Elise – 372 <--Congrats to Elise for winning the Specialty Cookie category!

Here’s a shot of Jiejin and Thomas tallying the scores.

We all waited with bated breath until the final scores were revealed!

We added both scores together to reach our final scores and to determine the overall winner:
Lourdes – 560
Me – 596
Elise – 598

Congratulations to Elise for winning The Triple Threat Throwdown – Round 2! Elise is the official Cookie Master (in the words of the Throwdown Director, Jiejin)!

A shot of the 3 competetors (left to right: Lourdes, Elise, and me)
while Elise shows off her certificate!